We were excited to join the Smarties family because of the Spanish immersion, acceptance of cloth diapers and location to our house. We didn’t even know how wonderful our son’s diet would be! The food plan is amazing, and the chef is very hard working and talented. We attribute much of our son’s health to the nutritious food he gets at Smarties. Another wonderful quality is the leadership. It feels like moms helping other parents, as opposed to administrators running a business. They think of everything!
— Malia
We moved our two daughters (now almost 2 and 4) to Smarties about six months ago – and we’re extremely happy that we did. Everything about Smarties – the staff, the curriculum and facilities, right down to the food the kids are served – is first rate. But perhaps the thing that has struck us most compared to other daycares we have seen is how much the teachers and staff clearly love their jobs and enjoy interacting with and engaging the kids.
— Brent
Our daughter has been attending Smarties since she was 15 weeks old and she is now 2. We’ve loved each and every one of her teachers and know she’s being well taken care of each and every day. The environment at Smarties is more like family rather than your typical day care. After moving to Gwinnett County really wanted our daughter closer to home, but after months and months of searching we could not find another child care place that came close to comparing to Smarties. Not only is our daughter learning (and speaking) Spanish, but she eats the most nutritious, healthy food possible. We could not be happier with the love and care our daughter is getting at Smarties and are so thankful a place like this exists.
— Jessica
We love how much our child loves coming into Smarties each morning, but more than that, we love how much his teachers are excited to see him. He started as an infant and is in the second classroom now, and we are looking forward to having him go all the way through the program. It gives us so much comfort knowing that he is learning and thriving in such a unique and loving environment.
— Mike & Alexis
I’d say our experience thus far at Smarties has been wonderful. Anna and Bogna are always extremely attentive and quick to respond to any questions/needs/concerns. Specific to me, they always respond quickly to my daily text messages asking how my kids are doing. Additionally, the teachers are amazing. I love the small size of the school and truly feel like it’s a family.
— Michelle
Our son has thrived at Smarties! He can understand and speak (some) Spanish after only a few months at the school and no prior exposure to the language. He adores his teachers and the staff, and we feel fortunate to have him spend his day in a warm, loving, educational environment. We have been impressed by the teachers, the staff, the curriculum and facilities, and the food!
— Payal
We feel lucky to be part of the Smarties family for over five years now. The teachers are all so warm and kind; nurturing each child in an atmosphere that fosters both learning and fun. We love that Smarties takes a holistic approach to caring for our children - offering fresh, wholesome foods, language immersion, outside play in a well-equipped playground, and plenty of time for exploration. Ms. Bogna and Ms. Ania have poured their hearts and souls into growing and expanding Smarties through pre-K while maintaining superb quality.
— Jennifer & Sylvester
We love Smarties! The teachers are attentive and caring, the food is amazing (even if you are picky like us), and the fact that our kids are learning Spanish is incredible. This is our third, and last, daycare and we couldn’t be happier.
— Laura Davis
We’ve had two of our children at Smarties over the last three years, and we have and continue to recommend it without hesitation. Smarties is a special place beginning with the language immersion; the dedicated, passionate director/owner; and equally dedicated and loving staff. It’s truly unique to be at a childcare center where all the teachers know your child and care about your child - they are like family. Hector, the chef at Smarties, prepares amazing, healthy meals from scratch that my children love. I only wish Smarties extended to elementary school!
— Marianne
I really want to take a moment to share my experience with Smarties. It has been wonderful and I want to share with prospective parents.

I was on the wait list for Smarties for many months. I had a nanny, but that arrangement ended and I still didn’t have a spot at Smarties so I had to make other daycare arrangements. We found a daycare that was convenient for us and started our 9 month old son there. It was fine, the teachers were nice, the facility was clean and all was well. There were days that I got annoyed or frustrated with the center-but it was never over anything major. I felt they were lacking a bit in communication and I had to supply a lot of items-diapers, wipes, solid food and snacks (they were not supplied for the infant room), sunscreen, etc. Then a short time later, Anna called with a spot at Smarties! I wasn’t sure what to do at that point. The daycare we had our son in was fine, convenient and less expensive than Smarties. Could Smarties be that much better? The answer is YES! We made the decision to switch and I could not be happier. I have not once been annoyed or frustrated with anything about this wonderful school. The teachers have this amazing energy (I honestly don’t know how they do it) and are so caring and sweet. The food is outstanding - I don’t eat that well! I don’t think you can find a place that serves better food than Smarties. And my son eats it! It is also convenient in that they provide everything - diapers, wipes, sunscreen, homemade baby food, etc. Regarding communication, Anna and Bogna keep us all updated with the latest information and I never feel out of the loop. They are always striving to do more. It is hard being a working mom and I am really comforted by the fact that my child is in such nurturing and healthy environment. I am grateful to Bogna and Anna for providing it!
— Stephanie
Our family recently switched our child to Smarties and we wish we would have done it sooner. Smarties attracted us because of the language immersion, but it offers so much more. The teachers are the most involved and caring instructors we have encountered in a daycare situation, the class size is small and welcoming and the care that is put into the meals is astounding for its size. Best of all, our son made an easy transition and loves his class!
— Maureen
Smarties is an outstanding program. We were torn between hiring a nanny or daycare. I don’t think there’s a nanny that can provide the various experiences, well-thought out curriculum, and wholesome meals, on a consistent basis as Smarties. Our daughter is thriving, happy, and well-loved EVERY DAY. Smarties is one of the best decisions we’ve made in our parenting journey!
— The Rogers’ Family
Our daughter started at Smarties when she was 1 year old and we could not be more pleased with the care and education she has received. She eats fresh, healthy and delicious food prepared by the academy’s chef. She is constantly learning new concepts, skills and Spanish words. Every teacher she has had has been incredibly attentive, patient and knowledgeable about early childhood learning. Additionally, the support staff which handles outdoor activities, custodial duties and maintenance is top-notch and consistently ensures that the children have a fun and safe environment in which to learn and play. We cannot recommend the Smarties experience enough!
— Sarah

Additional written references and recommendations from parents are available upon request.