Every day, our goal at Smarties is to make sure that children have a fabulous time and learn through play.

Our curriculum is fun, exciting and developmentally age appropriate. We want kids to be able to explore, discover and share different ideas with us, parents and their classmates. Developing their talents, skills and interests are very important to us as we plan our activities and projects.

We use Pinnacle curriculum as a basis for our program. This curriculum has weekly themes where children explore various concepts and ideas and gradually repeat them over the course of the month. Children learn best through repetition!

Smarties also thrives on the talents of our teachers, parents and guests. We invite musicians, artists and community workers to help us make each child’s experiences at Smarties exciting and memorable. Additionally, parents are always welcome to volunteer to celebrate different holidays, cultures, read stories, lead a show and tell.

Outdoor play is critical for all children. We make sure that the outside play it is not just free time. The outdoors is a continuation of our classroom and there is so much to see and learn! Some of the scheduled outdoor activities that kids love are: bug hunts, walking in the rain and jumping in puddles, making mud pies, planting herbs and vegetables, making nature trails, pretend picnics, recording outdoor sounds, building forts with giant boxes, blowing bubbles, hiding and digging for treasure, playing “follow the rope” and constructing outside art etc. When the weather is too “grey” to go outside, we still enjoy exercising through Baby Yoga and dance. With a little imagination we can also transform most of our outdoor activities and bring them indoors.


Sample Curriculum